Radio CAE


For many years Radio CAE (Canadian Army Europe) was the voice of the Canadian Armed Forces in the Ruhr:


Here is a sample program listing from 1970:

A Sample Radio CAE Program from 1970

A Sample Radio CAE Program from 1970


Here are some photos of Radio CAE:

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  1. While attending school in Hemer in 1965 > 67 we had a 1/2 hour of air time a wee.

    I was given a letter intorducing me as a freelance broadcaster for CBC.

    I used it to get a few interviews
    Roy Orbinson in London
    Spencer Davis group with a 14 year old Steve Windwood
    Los Bravos
    The Trogs = Wild Thing

    and a backstage interview/seldome given with Grodie Tapp after an armed forces show in Iserlone.

    Mike Baynes