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Bill Gibbons January 15, 2018
Paul Wheeler I came across this site recently, and saw names I knew. One email came back undelivaerable from Floyd Stanley grade 6 Fort Chambly teacher. He was a real positive influence,that became evident a few years later. Hope I can find his email address to say thanks. December 6, 2017
Billy Campbell I was with the D & E in 1967 November 10, 2017
Janice Mann My husband and I are planning a trip to Germany next Fall and will drive to Unna to see where I used to live. Our address was 23a Goethestrasse. It's hard to believe it's been 50 years since I lived there! I see from Google Maps that the old "Bunny Trail" still seems to be there. I also want to try to retrace where my sister and I used to walk to the outdoor pool where we spent so many wonderful days in the summer. October 29, 2017
Graham van Aggelen September 15, 2017
Charles Garnier Retired in Ottawa. Enjoyed seeing pics of old classmates and friends in the Soest yearbook (Werl 65-67 missing). Of note: Andre and Gabreille Corneillier (Werl neighbours), Allan Rude (high school bud, Borden 70-73). Also saw an old guestbook comment from Ramona Caines (Buttons Woodfine) whose father, Woody Woodfine, was a close friend and neighbor of my father. August 25, 2017
Cindy Harns Street ran just off Kanadisherweg. Led to center of town? Only 2 buildings were PMQ's, then german homes started. August 22, 2017
Joan Martin August 8, 2017
pete booth Just looking to say hi July 25, 2017
Patti Smart I had two tours with my dad 1955-57 and 1962-64 also 1967-71 with my RCR husband. July 14, 2017
Bruce Frommert My father was Emil Frommert and our family was stationed in Germany from 1959 to 1962. I was in grade 1 but I dont know the name of my school. I did break my arm at recess in grade one as did other kids I remember. Does anyone know what school I could attended in Grade one? Came to Germany on the RMS Savonia in 1959 and left on the Homeric in 1962. July 10, 2017
Carolyn Gordon June 17, 2017
Brian Glendinning Have recently digitized my Germany scrapbook and hope have some images posted here. April 21, 2017
Harry Proctor Revisiting this great site and decided to sign in,it's been awhile.Spent two years in Fort St. Louis ('62-'64 ) with 2nd Black Watch. Lots of great memories. April 3, 2017
Michael Lundgren Hello. I tried to register but the link failed. I was in Hemer from 1957 thru 1960 and have the yearbooks and many photos from that period. Please e-mail me re how to post them on this site. Carole Waye was my first girlfriend and I'd love to find out where she is now. Thanks a lot, Michael Lundgrem March 20, 2017
Ellison Hendsbee Signed old guestbook about 15 years ago. Just revisiting this great site. I wwas in grades 7 & 8. March 7, 2017
Ray Dencer March 1, 2017
Anne Tate Dad had 2 tours to Germany. 1957 -1960 at Hemer and 1968-1971 in Soest. I worked at Fort Henry on the Military Switchboard as well as the base reference library. Married Jim McCann, Service Corp. in 1969. February 15, 2017
Denise Bernard Don't remember my time in Hemer because I was 1-3 years when I was there from 1955-1958. My Dad, George Arsenault loved the German people & his stay there. Looking for family of Emilie Krass or Irmhild Bald from Hemer. January 24, 2017
Anne Clement Just passing on the news that my brother Tom passed away in 2015. I know that he was in touch with some of the folks we knew in Soest in from 1955-1957 January 13, 2017
Gordon Fortner October 13, 2016
Myles Ferguson My Dad was Sgt. Leon Ferguson. I lived on Danziger Strasse. Brother was Vern; Sister, Anita. My email is *protected email*. Mike Lewis, if you're out there, all the best. June 1, 2016
Norm Prestage Just checking in again, last 5 years ago. Soest 60-62 May 31, 2016
Margaret McLenehan March 24, 2016
John Martin Spence March 18, 2016
Dave Hornsby 32 Steinerstrasse Werl was our address for 2 and a half years February 4, 2016
Thomas Andrews It was quite an interesting time. My memories of the Elementary Schools in both Soest and Fort Chambly were quite remarkable. Not much was heard, because I had two really close friends from that time, both returned to Germany, yet I am still here, after all these years. December 20, 2015
Ian Mercer November 22, 2015
Patricia Seal I know almost sixty years have gone by. However, I'd like to hear from any old school pals that may remember me. I called myself Patsy Carr back then. November 19, 2015
Pamela Webb Would love to reconnect with friends from Werl School 69-70 Mr. Fasano's class September 26, 2015
Terry Bolton Arrived in July 1956 from Griesbach Barracks in Edmonton. Sailed on Empress of Britain from Montreal to Liverpool. Father was WO2 Frank Bolton RQMS who worked at the Station Office around the corner form the Highshool. I was in Grade 8. Played baseball in 1956 and 1957. I was also on one of the minor league Hockey Teams. Also have find memories of sitting in the back of a 2 1/2 ton truck that took all of us to the bowling alley at one of the Forts. Unfortunately our 2 year posting was cut short in August 1957 when my father was diagnosed with TB. We were shipped back to Currie Barracks in Calgary because they had a TB sanatorium in Calgary. September 7, 2015
mario amero August 28, 2015
Lynda Campbell July 30, 2015
jess sanford member of 1 tpt from 1966/1968 July 8, 2015
Keith Bowen Lived in Hemer summer of 1968 to summer 1970 May 8, 2015
Faye Pepin April 25, 2015
Tom Jamieson Hemer from 10 Nov 59 - 3 FEB 61 Soest from 4 Feb 61 - 29 Nov 61 April 8, 2015
Cathy Woiwod We lived in Soest between 1964 and 1969..The exact dates are fuzzy. April 5, 2015
bob lewis just on here to see if anybody remembers ,it was a great time an a great place i was with 2 ppcli from 66to71 March 12, 2015
Donald Lane Love to hear from anyone that may remember me. February 20, 2015
Anne Clement Just saying hello to everyone I knew back in the day! February 18, 2015
Fred Weavver I am still amazed at the outstanding quality of the Sappers and Junior NCO's that I had the honour to serve with in 4 Fd. Sqn. over 50 years ago. I can only feel sorry for those who have never experienced this. Great friends, great memories. February 7, 2015
Tony Alderton I thought I should sign in again since the last time was in 2007. Served with 4 Fd Wksp from 1967 until the move to Lahr in 1972. Had two additional postings to Lahr. Great times. February 4, 2015
gordon gauvin January 29, 2015
Eric Lusk January 27, 2015
Lorne Lamont C Coy D.R January 5, 2015
Brenda Manitoski December 29, 2014
Bill Damery Lived in Hemer from 1959 until 1963 our dad was posted to Fort Beausjour near Iserlohn with the 8th Canadian Hussars. Best years of my life as a kid. October 19, 2014
derek collins My father was in Fort Chambley from 1961 to 1964 .His name is Rick Collins and was in Transport"C" platoon.He was from Windsor Nova Scotia and I heard many of stories about his time there.Hoping to hear back from someone who was there and may even know him.Great site. September 3, 2014

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  1. What wonderful memories!  So strange to come across this website.  What an awesome job done!  Came across school photos of which my sister Debby was in grade 2 and one of which I was in Grade 4. We lived on Stettsteiner Strasse (spelling?) in Hemer from 1957 to 1960.  Left from Winnipeg to Montreal by train then ship (Queen Frederica ? ) to Germany.  Back in November of 60 on RMS Saxonia posted to Camp Gagetown NB.  I will try to locate some of our pictures if possible from my parents collection and pass along.

  2. Great memories was 1SSM Bty 64-69.

  3. Such a great site!!! We sailed from Halifax on the Captain Cook in 1955 and lived in Soest and Hemer, returning via the Queen Frederica in 1957. I was 7 when we arrived in Soest. I too will scavenge my parents’ photos and post them. (RCEME, LAD, WO2 A.G. (Tony) Rose)