Apr 032017

The following were contributed by Brian Glendinning:
Hockey Program added to Military, 4 CIBG, Soest Forts, Fort York, Then page.
Five photos added to Ruhr Scenes, Soest Album.
One photo added to Schools, Soest, School Daze, Pictures of Soest Senior High page
One photo added to Schools, Soest, School Daze, Other Schools page

Feb 282017

On October 29, 2017, it will have been 16 years since Ann Mills, Larry McGuire and I started Ruhr Memories as a Hemer High School web presence; and now the time has come for me to step back and let someone else run the site.

A former Soest High School student, Ed Horka, has kindly agreed to take on day-to-day management. Five years ago, Ed was instrumental in converting Ruhr Memories to its current format, and he has shown an active interest in the site for many years.

Thanks to all those who have contributed photos and money, and thanks also to those who have offered encouragement and promoted the site to their friends and family. Without your support, Ruhr Memories would not have become what it is now—a pictorial history of the experience of Canadian army families in Nordrhein-Westfalen, from their arrival in 1953 to their departure in 1971.

Dave Larke
Hemer High
1960 – 1963

Feb 222017

For years this website had a forum option that required a signup and a login. However, we realize that no one has ever used the forum feature. However, Soest and Hemer and other Facebook discussion pages have been very active.

Therefore the forum feature will be removed and you will notice that there is no longer and signup and login jitem in the right sidebar, since the signup and login were only required for use of the forum.

The site itself requires absolutely no signup or login.

However, you are encouraged to sign the guestbook using the top menu item if you would like others to find you.

Finally, to provide a place to discuss the material Dave has collected over all these years, there is a new Facebook page


We will mirror some of the material on this site to the FB site to provide better coverage and access to the wonderful memorabilia that Dave has collected over all these years.

Jan 112016

Added 5 photos to the Military, Werl Forts, Fort St. Louis – Then page courtesy of Harry Proctor.
Added 7 photos to the Military, Werl Forts, Fort St. Louis – Then page courtesy of Derek McCalden.
Added 6 photos to the Ruhr Scenes – Soest page courtesy of Ian Mercer.

Sep 172014

The following courtesy of Harry Proctor:
4 photos to the Werl Forts, Fort St. Louis, Then, page
3 photos to the PMQS, Werl, Vintage, page
Moved 3 photos to The Trip, By Sea, Saxonia page from Fort St. Louis, Then, page