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Some Changes

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Feb 222017

For years this website had a forum option that required a signup and a login. However, we realize that no one has ever used the forum feature. However, Soest and Hemer and other Facebook discussion pages have been very active.

Therefore the forum feature will be removed and you will notice that there is no longer and signup and login jitem in the right sidebar, since the signup and login were only required for use of the forum.

The site itself requires absolutely no signup or login.

However, you are encouraged to sign the guestbook using the top menu item if you would like others to find you.

Finally, to provide a place to discuss the material Dave has collected over all these years, there is a new Facebook page


We will mirror some of the material on this site to the FB site to provide better coverage and access to the wonderful memorabilia that Dave has collected over all these years.

May 162014

Thank you so much for the photos you have recently submitted. They now appear on the Contribute Photos page and will soon be added to the appropriate albums.

Debbie K. – thanks for your contributions.

There are other recent contributions where the contributors were not indicated. Can you get in touch with us to let us know who submitted what so we can give credit where credit is due?

Some of the recent photos submitted to us are very small. They are great photos and you have larger versions, can you please send them on to us?

We have been a little remiss in updates recently due to some unforeseen circumstances but we should be getting back in the update mode now.

We appreciate your contributions and encourage you to look around to see if there are any more you could send along to us.

Ed and Dave